Croatia, NSOLX has launched a public call for construction of geothermal power plant

, SEE Energy News

Croatian company ENSOLX has launched a public call for the expression of interest in the project for the construction of geothermal power plant Merhatovec in northern Croatia.

The plant should have an installed capacity of 10 MW and the project’s estimated cost is around 35 million euros. In 2020, ENSOLX was granted two licenses for the exploration of geothermal potential at Ernestinovo and Merhatovec locations, with water above 100 degrees needed for electricity generation. The deadline for the submission of expression of interest is 15 October.

Croatian Pannonian basin has the geothermal gradient 60 % above the European average. Currently, there are six geothermal exploratory fields in Croatia, which have the combined potential of up to 59 MW and could be developed and enter operation between 2022 and 2025.

Croatia’s first geothermal power plant – 17.5 MW Velika Ciglena was launched in 2019 near Bjelovar, while another 19.9 MW geothermal power plant in Legrad is under construction.