Croatia: Orjak wind farm turbines maintenance to be done by Vestas

15. July 2020. / SEE Energy News

Maintenance agreement of five Senvion MM92-2.05 wind turbines at Vjetroelektrana Orjak, Croatian subsidiary of Austrian company ECOwind was signed with Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.

The statement from the company said that 18-year maintenance agreement will take effect immediately.

ECOwind Managing Director Johann Janker said that the company established a strong partnership with Vestas on multiple projects and is pleased to continue this cooperation with the wind farm in Croatia. The 10.25 MW wind farm benefits from a long-term feed-in tariff and the agreement with Vestas will ensure the facility’s sustained operation at peak efficiency.

10.25 MW wind farm Kom-Orjak-Greda was commissioned in 2019. In 2018, Croatian non-profit organization Zadruga za Eticno Financiranje (ZEF) announced that it will sign an agreement with Austrian company ECOwind on the purchase of the share in the wind farm.






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