Croatia: Power exchange CROPEX traded more than 15.000 MWh

, SEE Energy News

In the first month, the Croatian Electricity Exchange (CROPEX) achieved the total volume of trade amounting to 15,679.3 MWh, whereas the average base and peak prices amounted to 23.62 €/MWh, i.e. 27.58 €/MWh.

The day with the so far highest achieved volume of trade for the day ahead was the 9th March and it amounted to 1,089.0 MWh, whereas the lowest volume of trade amounting to 135.0 MWh was achieved on 20th February.

The highest base price was achieved on 7th March in the amount of 30.67 €/MWh, when the highest peak price of 36.36 €/MWh was also achieved. The lowest base price was achieved on 21st February and it amounted to 10.69 €/MWh, and the lowest peak price amounting to 14.98 €/MWh was also recorded on this day. The negative price for electricity delivery was also achieved on 21st February. In the second hour on 22nd February, it amounted to -6.00 €/MWh. The amount of the total traded volume on CROPEX in the first month of trade may be approximately compared to the two-month consumption of the public lighting of the city of Zagreb, i.e. to the daily production of the Nuclear Power Plant Krško, transmits