Croatia: Power utility HEP plans CHP power plant in operation by 2018

, SEE Energy News

Croatia power utility HEP reported it planned and put into operation to build the new combined cycle cogeneration plant at the site EL-TO Zagreb by 2018th.
As stated, the new power plant will have a net efficiency of 89.5% and will serve as the fundamental power, or will fully adapt to the requirements for the thermal energy delivery (hot water and steam) and electricity production will be secondary.

The new production unit will consist of a gas combined-cycle cogeneration unit with two gas turbines, two waste heat boilers and one backpressure turbine with heating condenser and dry cooling tower. In doing so, the new power plant, due to technical configuration and planned high activity degree, will be counted in high efficient combined-cogeneration units, so it will be able to acquire the status of eligible electricity producer.

Location permit for a new plant had been obtained in July 2014th and preparation of tender documents for the two-stage public international tender to select a contractor of the plant building is ongoing today. The new plant should be completed and put into operation in early 2018th, when units A and B and the boiler K-7 as part of the existing Drive EL-TO Zagreb should stop operating, because investments in their reconstruction are unprofitable because of meeting the strict regulations environmental protection. However, two existing hot water boilers and two cogeneration units (H and J) will continue the production.