Croatia: PSP is accepting requests for gas storage capacity booking

, SEE Energy News

PSP, the Croatian gas storage operator, has started accepting requests for gas storage capacity booking for 2017-2021 regulatory period, since in mid-December 2016 Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) adopted a decision on the amount of tariff items for gas storage for the second regulatory period between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2021.

Tariff item for the standard package of gas storage capacity for 2017 will amount to 177.2 euros per standard bundled unit (SBU). The price will decrease slightly each year, finally reaching 169.7 euros/SBU in 2021.

PSP published the abovementioned HERA’s decision on tariff items along with the available SBU services, gas injection and gas withdrawal curves for the next five-year regulatory period, as well as the application for storage capacity booking and the prices of non-standard services and conditions of gas storage system. PSP will continue accepting the booking requests until 16 January 2017.