Croatia: Pulsat Global did not apply to any tenders for LNG terminal project

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Spokesman of LNG Hrvatska, the company in charge of the development of Krk LNG terminal project, Matej Zovkic said that the Canadian investors led by Pulsat Global Capital and BHS Group, which are interested in the project, did not apply to any tenders regarding its construction, through which the investors had the chance to express their interest in the project.

The representative of these investors said last week that they have been developing the project since 2008 and last three years they have been negotiating with the Austrian Hypo Group regarding the land on which the terminal should be built. The land, which was originally owned by now bankrupt Dioki Group, is currently owned by a subsidiary of Hypo Group. He said that LNG Hrvatska has no contract with anyone and wonders how it is possible that the company has received EU funding to develop a project on land in someone else’s possession.

Zovkic reminded that this location on Krk island was chosen as most favorable for the construction of LNG terminal by a Government’s decision, and the environmental impact study for this location has already been developed. He noted that the European Commission repeatedly found that all procedures regarding the project for the construction of LNG terminal were conducted regularly, including the procedures aimed to resolving the land ownership issues.

Shortly afterwards, BHS Group reacted to Zovkic’s statement, noting that LNG Hrvatska did not deny the fact that it is organizing tenders for the development of project on land which they do not possess, and that LNG Hrvatska has been reported to the European Commission for running nontransparent, unfair and discriminatory tenders, transmits