Croatia: RES electricity producers increase their market share

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By the end of this year,it is predicted that 280 new plants on renewable energy sourceswill be put into operation, with planned power of 494.237 megawatts (MW), said Hrvoje Marjanovic, president of the Croatian Association for Energetics.

This number of new plants was calculated on the basis of the analysis of concluded contracts on the purchase of electricity from plants that use renewable energy sources, and which have not yet been put into operation.

In Croatia, on the last day of January this year, 1,070 power plants on renewable energy sources was in operation, with total installed capacity of 412.594 MW. Compared to the end of September 2014, it is the increase by 65 power plants with a total installed capacity of 47,044 MW.

“Our electric power system has become richer in that period for one wind farm, 62 plants on solar energy, one hydropower plant, one biogas power plant, while the number of installed andput in operation power plants using other sources of renewable energy, hasn’t increased,” said Marjanovic.

He says that when it comes to installed capacity, the first place belongs to 16 wind power plants with a total of 339.250 MW, in the second place are 1,025 solar power plants with a total of 34,203 MW, third place goes to five cogeneration plants with a total of 13,293 MW, while the fourth place belongs to 12 biogas plants with a total 12,135 MW.

In terms of installed capacity, the largest single plant on renewable energy sources is the “Wind Farm VelikaGlava, Bubrig and CrniVrh”, with a capacity of 43,000 MW.

In terms of planned capacity, in the first place are the 12 wind power plants with a total of 395.700 MW, the second place are the 23 biomass plants with a total of 55,550 MW, while the third place belongs to 223 projects for solar power plants with a total of 21,478 MW.

“All above mentioned is the indicator that by 2020 Croatia, in terms of energy consumption, will fulfill the conditions about the share of renewable energy sourcesof 20 percent,” concluded the head of the Croatian Association for Energetics.

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