Croatia: Revitalization of heating system in Zagreb

, SEE Energy News

HEP Toplinarstvo is going to revitalize Zagreb’s district heating system. A subsidiary of Croatian state-owned power utility HEP, was awarded a contract for the revitalization of the hot water network in the nation’s capital Zagreb, a project worth 92.5 million euros, of which 55.8 million is financed through EU grants.

This revitalization project also represents the largest amount allocated to HEP so far from European Union funds. According to the Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Natasa Tramisak, the implementation of this contract will revitalize 68.5 kilometers of the city’s hot water network and improve the supply of 100,000 households, assuring a reliable and continuous heating supply.

Works on the revitalization of the hot water network in Zagreb, which supplies more than 100,000 households, will be carried out over the following three years in several phases, and will include the replacement of almost a third of the existing hot water network. The works which will be performed by HEP Toplinarstvo will take place in in 2021, 2022 and 2023 across an array of areas within the capital.

With this contract, the HEP Group has withdrawn funds in the amount of over 130 million euros from the European Union in the last three years, and, according to HEP CEO Frane Barbaric, a new high-efficiency cogeneration plant worth 120 million euros expected to be put in operation in 2022, will further contribute to the provision of a much better heating service in Zagreb.