Croatia, Rijeka oil refinery to resume operations in April

, SEE Energy News

The process of starting the plant after the overhaul has begun at INA’s Rijeka oil refinery and it is expected that it will resume operations at full capacity during April.

Croatian oil company INA said that the process of restarting production of Rijeka refinery has started on 27 March, following the pause since October due to overhaul. INA added that the security of supply of fuels to the Croatian market was not endangered during the downtime of the refinery.

However, increased demand for petroleum products at certain locations in recent days caused a temporary shortage of certain fuels, which put pressure on the logistics chain.

According to INA, it supplies retail outlets with all types of fuel in accordance with the logistics capacities, in order to reduce the consequences of high customer demand. INA has a sufficient amount of diesel that is currently imported from the Mediterranean market, the company assured.