Croatia: Rosatom offers nuclear plant to Croatia

, SEE Energy News

Rosatom wants to export its nuclear know-how. Russian Rosatom is willing to build a nuclear power plant in Croatia, if our country be interested in that, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

According the Rosatom calculations the construction of central stations of 1,000 MW would cost between 1.8 and 2 billion dollars. “If the government shows an interest, we are ready to cooperate. In this case we would offer our third generation reactors AES-2006, which are ahead of today’s reactors by the active and passive safety systems.

Besides, we also offer servicing, fuel and other services”, said in Rosatom. Russian company plans to win 20% of the stake at the world market of nuclear power plants over the next five years, and they currently build 29 reactors.

The Sava River near Zupanja, the Drava River near Donji Miholjac and the Danube near Dalj have been known from before as three possible locations for such a facility.