Croatia: RWE Energy monthly delivers between 25 and 30 GWh of electricity

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RWE Energy and GEN-I have hired a total of 393 people so far in sales of electricity. In this figure the majority of field agents for the sale are from RWE Energy, which has 388 active agents in the field. Gen-I hired them only 28 in the call-center.

The RWE Energy said they demanded from their employees high level of education, expressed sales skills and to be very communicative persons. Employees were asked also to respect the code of ethics of the company. The sales representatives of the company per day reached between 400 and 500 contracts for the supply of electricity, and in early October, they presented data on about 10,800 customers who had already become their customers.

To date, much more contracts has been signed, but company policy is to not go out with the exact number of contracts signed. Since spokesperson Petra Hranilovic we learned that RWE Energy currently supplies between 25 and 30 GWh of electricity per month. Their typical customer spends more than 4,500 kWh per year, and more than 90% of the customers have decided to enter into a contract for three years, which guarantees the greatest benefits.

In the domain of the privileged customers RWE Energy had signed agreements with more than a thousand customers in early October, but since then they came out with a special offer for small businesses, today that number is much higher. RWE Energy pretends to take 10% of the Croatian market in the next three years, and to substitute equal percentage of electricity that HEP is now importing, from their production facilities.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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