Croatia: RWE is waiting for the liberalization of gas market

, SEE Energy News

Electricity stock exchange brings HEP’s electricity on the market.The key preconditions for RWE Energy to enter Croatian gas market is real market liberalization in line with the Third energy package, said the director of that company Zoran Milisa.

The company obtained permits for entering the market and is actively preparing for that move. Answering the question about structure potentials of electricity stock exchange, Milisa said that nothing will change substantially for the final buyers, but that move is going to have significant implication on the supply side, because electricity produced by HEP will become available to all suppliers. ‘’The stock exchange will change the rules because with trading for a day in advance, that electricity will be available to all market players’’, said Milisa highlighting that stock exchange will bring price transparency.

RWE energy holds 5% of the market, supplying 2.500 entrepreneurs and 75.000 households.