Croatia: Slovenian energy trader GEN-I beats state owned HEP and Profectio Energy, gets supply deal for public administration

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Slovenian company GEN-I, starting from 1 January in 2014., will supply 35 percent of the ministries and the State Administration with green electricity in the next two years, following which the state will save 16 million on the cost of electricity at that time, it was said at the signing of the Framework Agreement for that job in the National Office for the Central Procurement. GEN-I offer was better than state owned HEP and Profectio Energy.

The agreement was signed by the Head of the National Office for Central Procurement Dario Jankovic and CEO of GEN-I Zagreb Dejan Paravan, while the co-signatories were the company’s regional director Predrag Seatovic and CEO of GEN-I Group Robert Golob.

Signing the agreement means the completion of an important work of public procurement in the country, for which GEN-I was selected in the tender as the preferred bidder to supply electricity, Jankovic said, adding that now the signing individual contracts with each of the 35 state customers follows.

He recalled that the offer of GEN-I, with a price of 93 millions and with one hundred percent of the amount of green energy supply, was better than the other two in this competition (HEP Supply and Profectio Energy), and these 16 million the state will because the offer of GEN-I is for that amount more favorable than initially estimated 109 million kunas value of the procurement.

Jankovic said that 35 government users actually are about 1,500 measuring points and 300 entities that will receive power from the GEN-I-I, among them the Ministry, the Government, the Parliament and the president’s office and some state departments, agencies, state Attorney’s Office and the courts under the ‘roof’ of the Ministry of Justice.

CEO of GEN-I, Golob, said that for them it is at the same time the largest single job, but also only one-fifth of what they are doing and planning in the Croatian market, where they are very happy with their position.

He explained that one hundred percent green energy by which they will supply government users will in majority be hydro energy mix.

GEN-I presented its bid for the Croatian households in June, and Golob said the turnout is satisfactory and currently they have more than 15 thousand queries, and by the end of the year they even expect 20 thousand.

The company GEN-I, Zagreb, is a member of the Group GEN-I, which operates in 18 energy markets in Central and Eastern Europe, and in the inner region besides in Slovenia and Croatia, they are also present in Serbia and Macedonia.

On the Croatian market GEN-I operates since 2006 and until these new businesses they have supplied more than 11 thousands of measurement points.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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