Croatia: SPP on Vis island soon to receive 1 MW battery storage

, SEE Energy News

President of the Management Board of Croatian company Koncar, whose solar panels are installed at the solar power plant at Vis island, confirmed that the second phase of the project includes the installation of battery storage. The batteries will be made by Koncar, with a capacity of 1 MW.

The main purpose of the battery storage at the plant is to accumulate electricity when production is significant (during the day) and deliver it when there is less or no production (during the night and during cloudy periods). The installed capacity of the solar powr plant on Vis is 3.5 MW and the average annual consumption of the entire island is below 2 MW, even below 1 MW in winter period. During sunny periods in winter, the power plant can produce more than 2 MW and store that electricity in order to deliver it, during the cloudy periods, to nearby island of Hvar, which has no battery storage capacities.

Last September, HEP commissioned its 3.5 MW solar power plant on the island of Vis. This will be the first solar facility in Croatia which will sell electricity on the market, without receiving feed-in tariffs from the Government. The construction of the plant started in November 2019. Estimated annual electricity generation is about 5 GWh, which is enough to cover the needs of 1,600 households. The project was initially conceived by Koncar KET, but it was later bought by state-owned HEP.