Croatia: The environment permit for new TPP-TP Osijek

, SEE Energy News

HEP production obtained the first environmental permit (decision on integrated environmental protection conditions) for any of its existing thermal power plants, and for the Drive of TPP Osijek. The decision on integrated environmental protection conditions for the TPP-TP Osijek was issued by the Ministry of Environment and Nature.

Previously, in February this year,  the decision on integrated environmental conditions for the Drive Osijek HEP Toplinarstvo was issued, it is stated from the HEP. The decision on integrated environmental protection conditions, so-called, environmental permit must have obtained all the existing thermal power plants  of HEP, nominal thermal power above 50 MW, in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act, in order to continue working. HEP’s  aim is by applying the best available techniques (BAT) to enable continued operation of thermal power plants after January 1st in 2018, until when their work must comply with the limited values ​​according the  Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions.

Source; Serbia Energy  See Desk


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