Croatia third to last in EU in solar capacity per capita

, SEE Energy News

The ongoing energy crisis puts more and more emphasis on domestic energy production. This is especially important for Croatia, which is very dependent on energy imports.

In 2022, every third MWh of electricity consumed in Croatia was imported. If hydropower is excluded, renewable energy sources (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and biogas) cover 15.9 % of the total consumption.

Of the total installed capacity in renewables, solar energy, with just 179 MW of capacity, covers only 0.6 % of consumption, although it has 30 % higher insolation than Germany. Croatia has three times less solar capacity than Slovenia, 25 times less than Hungary and 650 times less than Germany.

According to EU data, Croatia is third from the bottom in the European Union in terms of installed solar capacity per capita in 2021, with only 26.9 W/capita. On the other hand, the Netherlands is first with 815 W/capita.