Croatia: TPP Plomin project goes forward confirms Economy minister

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Three serious investors, who have competed in the competition,are interested in construction of a third unit of Thermal power plant Plomin. At the end of this year is expected the contract signing and then will start the design phase.

In the second half of 2015thit is expected to start work on the supporting plants that are not directly related to the third unit. All this guarantees new jobs, and we expect the entire investment to start next year,announces the Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak.

– In Plomin 3 on coal, there is a trend of the complete disinformation to the public. Today, thermal power plants operate on the basis of high technologies, you have them in the center of Ljubljana, and there is a nuclear onein Paris. First of all, we have insisted on high technology in order not to damage human health in any of the segments. There were the various processes that have not passedat the court. The project goes on, as it is structured correctly. Wewill talk with everyone who complains and listen to suggestions, but no one can claim that the project is dangerous to human healthwithout arguments.

It should be said that Plomin2 did not adequately compensate the local population. When it comes to the third unit, all these fees must be increased at monthly and annual levels, because a part of the investment of 800 MEUR must be used as a social contribution to the community in which the facility is located. Specifically, the portion of these funds would be used to build a kindergarten, roads and infrastructure, but following the decision of the people who live there. Plomin is not a killer and I really do not know how to fight against this completely unfounded misinformation except the persistent repetition of arguments and facts, concludes Vrdoljak.