Croatia: Wind and solar auctions in the autumn

, SEE Energy News

Croatian Ministry of Energy and Sustainable Development is planning to hold auctions for large-scale wind and solar projects in the second half of the year, most likely in the autumn, as well as auctions for small-scale renewable energy projects, said State Secretary at the Ministry Ivo Milatic.

Milatic stressed that the aim of the draft Electricity Law, which is currently under public debate, is to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy projects, so the deadline for their completion will be set to five years.

Energy Minister Tomislav Coric said earlier this year that the quota of 400 MW in wind and solar projects will be set for the Croatia’s first RES auction for large-scale projects.

In late 2020, Croatia held the first RES auction for small-scale projects. The total quota for the allocation of the premiums was 88 MW. 107 bids were received at the auction, with total capacity of 41.5 MW. Of that number of bids received, 71 of them were entitled to a premium, with total capacity of 25.5 MW.