Croatia:HEP reverses the consumers outflow to RWE and GEN-I

, SEE Energy News

Did the announcement of electricity cheapening slow the customers outflow or electricity just is not expensive to Croats. Only 0.4 percent of household customers decided to cross on an alternative supplier from HEP –Supply company. RWE energy and GEN-I took over some HEP clients.

According to HEP-ODS, around 7,600 households from the total of 2.1 million customers will have another supplier from 1st September. More than 3,500 of them decided for RWE energy, and the company offers savings of up to 12% of the total annual electricity consumption.

According to the latest press release of Gen-I, which offers up to 12.5% of savings on annual consumption, about 4,000 consumers decided for it. Is it possible that HEP succeeded to prevent massive outflow of customers by announcement of a possible cost reduction in electricity prices by 6-7 percent, or electricity is not so expensive to Croatian citizens to motivate them with offered discounts.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk/HEP/GENI

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