Disagreements about shale exploitation reserves in Serbia, tender for strategic partner yet expected

29. April 2013. / Mining

There are different interpretations about oil shale exploitation possibility. Unlike  Mining minister Bacevic, Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic doubts in correct data about supplies.

There was no Minister of Resources in Serbian Government who didn’t draw attention of public, with the story about oil shale exploitation near Aleksinac, for more than a half century. Even terms were determined in order to make this story be a subject of disagreements and in the sphere of nice wishes.

Minister of Mining, Milan Bacevic and Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic also disagreed about this question. Minister Bacevic stated at the beginning of the year that his Ministry will do anything “to realize such a good developmental project”. All research and laboratory analysis are also finished, reservoirs are certified and talks with different companies that showed interest of technology installation went far.

Bacevic stressed that only “clean” technology will be used in exploitation because bigger amount of oil can be provided and environment can be protected maximally only this way. Bacevic didn’t want to say how far tender for advisor election for shale exploitation strategic partner went. “Novosti” reported Minister’s words, that tender will be announced by the end of a year, in the beginning of October 2012.

On the other side, Minister Mihajlovic has recently said that there is no precise research about shale amounts Serbia has, but there are some interested investors and state needs to decide what it wants in this area i.e. in which way this energy wealth will be exploited.

-The first step is a research and detailed data about the amount of oil shale. The second step is the way of organization and exploitation. Will this state company be with the mayor or minor participation – Minister said and underlined that this second step hasn’t been discussed in the government yet.

She stressed that we need to perceive aspect of environmental protection as soon as possible and then we can launch exploitation.

-There is no revolt against shale exploitation in the town on Moravica, especially because several hundreds of new work places will be opened. There is a big doubt that this won’t be possible without negative influence on environment, regardless to the technology.

Local publication was surprised with Minister Mihajlovic words that oil shale reservoirs in Aleksinac’s surroundings are still unknown. 2,1 billion reservoirs of oil shale reservoirs in Aleksinac’s basin, where 10% of synthetic oil can be provided through procession, has been mentioned decades ago. Practice shows that story about the site was launched at the beginning of every elections where reopening of Aleksinac’s basin (closed in 1989), where remained around 28 million reservoirs of dark coal, was up in the game.

Source; Serbia Energy

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