Montenegro TSO company warned by Serbia for KAP illegal electricity consumption

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Montenegrin transmission system got warning from Serbia, as regional regulatory for electricity system balancing, for exclusion of Montenegro from the system.

The problem is that Aluminum Combine Podgorica which uses electricity illegally.

It was appealed from Serbia for this problem to be solved so system can get back into balance as soon as possible.

According to information from CGES ( Montenegro TSO company), exception cannot endanger European electricity system for now but it can happen that other consumers suffer because of KAP’s problem.

If problem is not solved, Montenegro can be excluded from European electricity system where information is exchanged on daily basis, so every country is familiar to the problem of our state. However, our country is part of regulatory block with Serbia and Macedonia at the moment.

KAP will be discussed on the session of Parliament Presidents Collegiate. Member of Collegiate and President of Parliament Board for Economy, Finance and Budget, Aleksandar Damjanovic says that problem should be solved as soon as possible.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/CGES