SEE region: Drop in hydropower production by 10%

, SEE Energy News

In Week 12, total hydropower production in Southeast Europe receded compared to Week 11, as a result of low precipitation in most countries of the region. SEE region displayed a moderate decrease in hydropower yield by 10%, reaching 2.49 TWh. Most markets in the region registered lower hydropower output, except Greece and Bulgaria which marked higher hydro yield by 12%, reaching 20 GWh and 46 GWh respectively.
Serbia and Croatia witnessed the highest percentage decreases during Week 12 by 17% and 15% respectively. Turkey, Romania and Italy displayed hydropower drop by 12%, 8% and 2% respectively as less rain led to lower water levels in rivers and reservoirs.
In Week 12 thermal power generation increased compared to previous week, largely due to higher gas-fired electricity generation and to a lesser degree as a result of higher electricity generation from lignite and coal.
Consequently, the SEE region experienced increased thermal power generation rising by 10% and amounting to 7.3 TWh.
Lower hydro and windpower yields pushed power generation from thermal units upwards in Turkey, Greece and Italy. Greece’s lignite-fired generation edged lower by 39% amounting to 72 GWh, while its gas-fired generation soared by 32% reaching 235 GWh.

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