Electricity consumption should be reduced by 10%

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Member of the Working group for monitoring the safety of supply with energy and energy products in the 2011-2012 heating season Petar Skundric said today that this working group will propose to the Serbian government to prolong the upcoming holiday Statehood Day, which is observed on 15-16 February, to Friday 17 February and the weekend.

Skundric said after the meeting of the working group that in this way there would be four to five non-working days, which is necessary in order to reduce energy consumption.

It is necessary to do everything to reduce energy consumption by at least 10% and the production of electricity at a level of approximately 500 megawatts, he said.

He pointed out that these non-working days would apply to schools and some state institutions, but noted that the government is the one that will make the final decision on this.

Skundric appealed to consumers to spend energy rationally because all energy systems are overloaded and work at maximum capacity in extremely difficult circumstances on the border of their technical and technological capabilities.

Source Serbia Gov.