Electricity supply for Serbian commerce goes back to normal

22. February 2012. / Uncategorized


The working group for securing the fuel and energy supply of Serbia, on Feb. 20 decided to abolish the limitation of electricity deliveries to commercial entities.

The working group recommended that the limitations for public lighting and advertising, and for the cross-border transmissions of the Serbian Electric Power Company (EPS), remain in effect for eight more days.

EPS CEO Dragomir Markovic said after the meeting of the working group that electricity consumption had dropped, but he still urged the population to save electricity.

Markovic said that the limitation of supply for commercial entities, introduced on Feb. 13, was in effect “practically” for four days, and resulted in the saving of an average of 500 megawatts, while the population saved between 7.5 and eight percent of electricity. He added that electricity imports were still high – exceeding balance by 13 to 15 percent.

He explained that additional electricity imports and the consumption of gas and heavy fuel oil, will cost the EPS around RSD6.5 billion, or EUR63 million, which this public enterprise will cover with its own funds.

In his words, thermal power plants in Serbia could have major problems because of the melting of snow and ice, due to the piling up of river deposits which could block their cooling systems. He added that the rise in underground water levels could affect the operation of underground mines.

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