Environmentalist coalition ask Serbian energy minister Mihajlovic to stop the construction of hydro power plants Brodarevo on Lim river

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Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment held the public discussion of Study of construction of Brodarevo 1 and 2 hydro power plant projects influence’s on the environment.

Many ecologist organizations against hydro power plants construction on Lim contacted the public, but also Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic whom they ask for stopping the construction.

Mirko Popovic asked, in the name of non-government organization “Brana” which gathers more than 70 ecology societies and citizens’ associations, Zorana Mihajlovic why the public discussion about the study is again initiated, even though she stated that the procedure will be suspended because of irregularities. The group of ecologists claims that Minister Mihajlovic and Ministry of Energy broke the Law for Environment Influence Estimation and International Arhur Convention that Serbia signed and ratified, the way they organize discussion.

They criticize Ministry because they appointed discussion for 9 January on 1 January, although procedure requires at least 20 days should pass, it is being held in Belgrade 300km far from Prijepolje where these object are going to be built, and some individuals who complained about content of the study weren’t informed about discussion.

Serbian Ministry of Energy showed unpreparedness and unconcern to implement of the law, but also not understanding and disrespect to public discussion rules- it was stated in the appeal. Coordination Board for Protection of Lim that gathers seven organizations also announced. They say that disinterested citizens are not in position to come to public discussion in Belgrade so they asked Zorana Mihajlovic to be held in Prijepolje or Bijelo Polje.

“Citizens that are interested in this subject are from Brodarevo, Prijepolje and north Montenegro”, they messaged. Possibility of HPP construction on Lim divides public of Prijepolje for years, and it wasn’t held because of conflict and fight among supporter and opponents of construction in mid August. Montenegrin Government warned Serbia that without their approval construction on Lim is impossible.

Canadian investor, company REV: We will protect nature

REV got permissions for construction of HPP Brodarevo 1 and 2 from previous Serbian Government. They reject all statements that this project can destroy river Lim and region and they announce that they will respect all environmental standards. Total value of this investment is 140million Euros and they will have no damage from it, but only material benefit- it was stated in REV.

Source Serbia Energy/Agencies/Danas

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