EPS Board chairman announces electricity exports from Serbia

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Electricity production in Serbian power utility EPS is 7,2% higher from planned production, so Serbia will be able to export more electricity.

According to the words of Managing Board’s President in this Company Aca Markovic, up to 2 billion of KWH is reconsidered to be exported in the following period.

Markovic explained that EPS produced 10,6 billion of KWH in the first quarter of the year where more than a billion was exported to neighbor countries.

“The great result in energy is when something is increased even for 3%. Hydrology was also advantageous so we had periods when production in our circulating plants was up to 40 million KWH on daily basis”, he says.

“We have over 400 million more KWH than it was planned at the moment so the export of higher amounts than planned is a real option”, Markovic states.

Circulating HPPs are thanks to good hydrology situation gave 538 more KWH than in the same period last year. And so, they participated in the total production with more than 30%.

The biggest public company in Serbia had a loss of 2,4 billion dinars last year what split “the hole” from 2011 of 4,8 billion dinars.

Operational financial team of EPS managed to determine possibilities of saving the 5 billion dinars this year.

Source;Serbia Energy/EPS