EPS buys off the electricity from four solar plants

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Electric power of Serbia confirmed that four contracts for electricity purchase from solar power plants were signed so far.

EPS also gave confirmations for additional 24 preferred electricity producer contracts from renewable power generation plants in Serbia and electricity purchase from this producers.

Solar plants from cities of Kula and Varvarin, but also from Belgrade and Novi sad.

The output net power of this green sources plants is in total 13,91MW. There are 16 small hydro power plants, four solar plants, two on gas and one of biogas.

EPS purchased last year 13.759.808 KWh of electricity from all facilities or 0,2% of total EPS production last year. Preferential producers planed to deliver this year 53.166.261Kwh which will depend from weather and technical conditions.

Source Serbia-energy.com