EPS does not know whether there will be a price increase, electricity price increase saga

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At the end of this fiscal year, after reviewing the business report of the company and reviewing the implementation of all plans and investment, exchange rates and inflation, EPS will consider whether there are conditions to ask for a correction in electricity prices from AERS, they say in the company.

Electric Power Industry of Serbia did not ask for electricity price increase from the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia and it is not known whether this price increase would be requested.

The company emphasized that the request to change the price of electricity is submitted to AERS in the event of significant variations in business conditions and note that AERS has a clear methodology based on which they determine whether such a claim is justified or not, and whether to give consent for the change in the price of electricity.

From next year, according to the new Law on Energy, AERS gives consent for changes in prices of electricity and gas at the request of public enterprises only on the basis of objective criteria, and the final decision of the Government of Serbia on that issue will no longer be needed.

EPS management previously announced that in the next two years, or until the end of 2014, it would be realistic for electricity prices to rise by 40 percent.

From AERS they told Tanjug that when deciding on electricity prices this regulatory authority is lead by the methodology that the approved price includes operating and depreciation costs of enterprises, capital investment, and to provide a reliable supply of electricity to consumers.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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