Eurowind envisages 3 GW wind portfolio in Romania by 2030

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Danish renewables developer Eurowind Energy has one of the largest renewable energy portfolio under development in Romania and envisages it could amount to 3 GW by 2030 through an investment of 3 billion euros in the country.

Eurowind is present in Romania since 2010 and participated in the first wave of renewables in the country. Now, the company is preparing to significantly increase its operational portfolio in the second wave.

Speaking at the energy conference in Romania, Eurowind Director of Strategy Joachim Steenstrup said that the company is interested in young renewables market because the room for expansion is very limited in mature markets such as Germany.

He said that in addition to Dobrogea, which attracted the highest interest among renewable energy investors, Eurowind is also interested in developing wind projects in other parts of the country.

Streenstrup also stated that he believes that bureaucracy will not be a problem in Romania, saying that the country is no more complicated than Italy or France on that matter.

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