Exclusive: 11 bidders for 250MEUR FDG project in EPS TPP Tent, investment & modernization project on A3 also planned

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Biggest environmental project in Serbian energy sector in 2013 is actually FGD project ( flue gas desulphurization) the implementation of a project will certainly happen this year. As TENT Director Cedomir Ponocko explained, this is one of the biggest projects, of a great import, and it is related to ecology and desulphurization, which will be implemented with the support of a loan from the Japanese government.

Mr. Ponoćko said that it is planned to increase the power of the power units 3 and 4 at TPPNT by 40 MW respectively. So far, the power has been increased at the power plant A on the power units A5 and A6, and at the power plant B on the power unit B1.

– We expect preparation to be carried out by the end of the year, and signing of the contract at the beginning of the next year. Conceptual design has been made, and the working group should complete it, taking into consideration the numerous remarks given by the Technical Council. In order not to waste time, other preparations are being made as well. A few days ago, a new list of bidders was opened in the pre-qualification procedure, where even 11 world-renowned companies applied. Those who get the job will be the suppliers of the equipment as well- said Mr.Ponoćko and explained that people from TPPNT, together with the Department for Strategy and Investments, are working on preparations for the biggest environmental project in Serbia. Relevant Ministry is also involved in the entire project for purposes of compliance of certain procedures with the European institutions.

– When you look at the work of an electrician, it is clear how substantial and big this job is. The envisaged two underground cables of 220 kV are very expensive. The two transformers are planned, as well as the completed plants. A special segment are the properties of the coal which is used, because the type of the technology depends on the percentage of sulfur in coal, and thus the size of the plant and the price depends on it too – said Ponoćko.

Works on А3 are to follow

Speaking about the investments in thermal blocks, our interlocutor said that the financial crisis has brought into question even the scope of the planned overhauls, let alone any larger investments.

– So far, the overhauls were shortened and delayed, but now this situation is very much serious. Nevertheless, we should be optimistic. It has happened before that we have 17 versions of the plan, but the door always opens, not as much as we would like, but it opens. I believe that it will be the same in this case – Ponoćko pointed out and made an effort to “use this time to enter the procedure of public procurement as if everything were normal, and then we will adjust, depending on the amount of money that will be available”. He explained that the procedure of public procurement is not binding, the signed contract is.

Stating that the part of the TPPNT revitalization is prolonged, the Director of the company TPPNT said that this company entered the Business Plan of EPS for 2013, which the Government has approved, with 3,3 billion dinars, but after carefully analyzing the situation it turned out that even 4,3 billion RSD are necessary. It is the amount intended for payment of initiated, but unfinished works, as well as the payment required by legal provisions.

Mr. Ponoćko said that it is planned to increase the power of the power units 3 and 4 at TPPNT by 40 MW respectively. So far, the power has been increased at the power plant A on the power units A5 and A6, and at the power plant B on the power unit B1.
If we add to this that the power increase on the power unit B2 by about 15% is planned, all that together will  virtually bring  EPS and Serbia one new power unit of about 300 MW.

Director of TPPNT announced that this year the revitalization of PU 3 at TPPNT A is to start, and for that purpose, 830 million RSD is planned from this year’s funds. “If there is no way to provide as much, something will still be initiated, at least the procurement of a part of equipment “, said Mr.Ponoćko. When he was asked when we could expect the beginning of the construction of TPPNT B3, he answered that it is up to the Government of Serbia to make the decision thereon.

Along with sulfur particles will leave

–  With power increase on TPPNT A3, the revitalization of this power unit will be followed by the installation of the electrostatic filters, which, in previous revitalization processes at this power plant, have shown as excellent environmental air pollution protectors against coal particles. All filters installed up to now on our power units have reduced the emission of the particles to less than 50 milligrams per cubic meter, which is the European standard. For “PU 3”, first, the filter with the capacity of 30 milligrams per cubic meter has been planned, but this will change. They came to that decision when the performance of the desulfurization plant was compared with the performance of the electro- filter, which will be connected to “The Three”. It turned out that with the desulfurization technology does not extract only the sulfur from the smoke gases, but the solid particles as well, which are reduced to less than 20 milligrams per cubic meter. There is no point in buying more expensive electro-filter when we are already building such a plant for desulfurization – said Mr. Ponoćko.

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