Exclusive story coverage: HPP Brodarevo on Serbia Lim river: Yes or No?

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Announced building of hydro power plants Brodarevo 1 and 2 on Lim, investment project of Canadian Renewable energy ventures “REV  still causes different opinions and oppisition within citizens in the region of the hpps and the main point of talks is the canyon’s destiny.

Public discussion in Belgrade’s Chamber of Commerce about influence of planned damns to environment began late because opponents to this building plan asked for postponing because of irregularities during discussion appointment and inabilities of all interested people to participate, according to their words.

Non-Government Organization (NGO)’s lawyer Sreten Djordjevic from Prijepolje region said that it is against the law that public discussion as being held 300km far from the region it refers to- where plants should be build on, that it is appointed before anticipated term against the law and that the Study is not available in electronic form so everyone can see it.

He warned that group of NGOs will start fourth court proceeding in front of Administrative Court of Serbia about hydro power plant building if Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment gives positive opinion about the study.

Djordjevic said that “a row of drastic illegalities” have already occurred, and he determined for one side beforehand – for investors, but he added that Serbia is late more than three years with officially informing Montenegro about accumulations’ building plan which “are going to be made on Montenegrin territory”.

“Hydro power plants’ building will destroy Lim canyon ecosystem”, he stressed and stated that it cannot be compensated.

Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment representatives, who organized public discussion, emphasized that public discussion procedure and the influence study making are according to the law.

Head of Ministry Assessment for environmental impact, Zoran Velkovic stated that public discussion is also according the law.

According to his words, Belgrade was chosen for the public discussion maintenance because it was estimated as safer for participants. He denied that HPP building can influence Lim’s natural flow on Montenegrin territory.

Veljkovic said that he doesn’t know how long procedures for decision about bars are going to last.

Representatives of Energoprojekt Hidroenzenering Company, which did study of hydro power plants’ influence on environment, stated that analysis of condition and all projections after damns building for all environmental segments- water, land and air, have been done.

Special attention will be given to flora and fauna’s protection because Lim region is natural habitat for huge number of endemic species. Study suggested obligatory precaution measures for wastewater, waste, protection from loudness, harmful gases emissions, and as one example the building of transmission line for migratory fish was stated.

Member of Coordination Board for HE Building Support participated to public discussion. They came from Brodarevo and Prijepolje in organized tour as representatives of informal association “Brana” and members of NGO who are against building but they left meeting demonstratively after 10 minutes, because it was irregular.

Transparents also followed initial harangue and turmoil in full hall of Belgrade’s Chamber. Around 100 people were there. Those who were against HE wore masks with face of activist from Brodarevo who was beaten up last year, on previous public discussion, had transparent where was written “damns to violence”, while protectors of building wore transparents “We want to work” written on it.

Brana association cancelled protest against irregular public discussion in front of Belgrade’s Chamber of Commerce previously, because they didn’t get approval from MUP. The entrance of the Chamber building was protected by 20 police officers.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine