Gas doesn’t have to be bought from Srbijagas, Serbia – a new company with 246 employees

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Serbiagas faces big jobs, but also organizational changes to make it more efficient and more competitive in the market. This has been specified by the Government’s Development Plan for the country by 2025.

Of the announced additional 500 million euros for energy, a large part will go to support gas investments.

Transport has already been separated from Srbijagas. The new company “Transportgas Serbia” has 246 employees and its special headquarters is in Novi Sad.

The next step is the separate operation of the “Distributiongas Serbia” branch, with gas trading and storage being separated in the last phase.

– So, it is important for us to arrange, to have a modern network, modern control, good management to manage this system, and let the traders compete – said Dusan Bajatovic, director of Srbijagas.

Srbijagas has to work out another option – the plan is that Serbia will have four gas distribution zones in the future, according to RTS.

One will be Belgrade, the other is Vojvodina and the other two will be in central and southern Serbia. The exact locations depend on the degree of gasification. The reorganization of the company will be accompanied by accelerated gas investments – the completion of the infrastructure on our Turkish Stream line, the Nis-Sofia gas interconnector.

The plan is to start work on expanding the Banatski Dvor warehouse by the middle of the year.

– And where we will place special attention and where we have foreseen certain funds by the investment plan, this is further gasification of the country. Priorities are Kolubara District, Pcinj District, Kraljevo – that is, a comprehensive plan – stated the Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic.

The accelerated change and development of the Serbian gas sector is dictated by increasing gas consumption both in households and in industry.

Analyzes show that by 2027 it will be at least doubled, reports RTS.