Greece: Big investments in electricity network planned

, SEE Energy News

Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE made a 10-year development plan which includes projects budgeted at 4.1 billion euros.

This development plan provides for international electricity interconnections, upgrades to the national high-voltage transmission system, and carbon offsetting projects across the network to improve its reliability at a time when renewable energy sources are becoming more widely used.

Plans include improving electricity interconnections with neighboring Bulgaria, Italy, Albania and North Macedonia.

The new plan further incorporates ADMIE’s proposals regarding pilot projects for electricity storage both on mainland Greece and the islands. It provides for energy batteries on Naxos island, with capacity of 7-10 MW. to be completed next year. A similar program is scheduled for Central Greece, to manage the high concentration of RES facilities there.

The targets set by the national energy and climate plan for 2030 and the long-term energy planning for 2050 have made it necessary to accelerate procedures to connect new RES units to the network on a large scale that require significant infrastructure work for the transmission of electricity from areas such as the islands.