Greece: CO2 emissions of PPC significantly decreased in the first half of the year

, SEE Energy News

In the first half of 2020, CO2 emissions of state-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) decreased by 71.1 %. Drop in CO2 emissions was from 1.97 million tons in January to 568,900 tons in June, thus reflecting the significantly reduced role of lignite in the utility’s electricity generation.

Lignite’s dominant role has been taken over by natural gas, supported by rising RES output and electricity imports. Lignite-based electricity generation was on a downwards trend throughout the year: it dropped to 1.41 million tons in February, to 882,240 tons in March, 730,970 tons in April and 564,900 tons in May before a slight increase to 568,900 tons in June.

However, CO2 emission right costs have increased the past couple of months, rising well over the usual level of about 20 euros/ton, reaching as high as 29.66 euros/ton. Despite higher CO2 emission right costs, PPC’s operating costs are not expected to rise as a result of its big cutback on lignite-fired production.

PPC’s share of overall electricity production is projected to keep falling as independent producers and traders move in to fill the lignite void through natural gas and RES generation, plus electricity imports.