Greece, Country is preparing to cut off electricity

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The government in Athens is preparing an emergency plan to save and turn off electricity and other energy in the event of a complete and prolonged interruption in the supply of Russian gas, the Athens newspaper Ta Nea reported.

Extraordinary power outages on weekdays will cover “energy-intensive industries” that do not produce basic goods.

Sources say that such a possibility may be ruled out in the near future because a solution has been found to pay for gas to Russian Gazprom, but that the uncertainty and scale of the war in Ukraine require interventions that will limit electricity consumption and transportation in Greece.

The paper states that in the “extreme scenario” of the complete interruption of the supply of Russian gas, in the middle of the tourist season, the plan of alternating rotation of power outages at intervals during working days will be activated.

The goal is not to cut off electricity to households, low-voltage companies, as well as hotels and critical public infrastructure such as hospitals.

Interruptions in the supply of electricity will alternately have energy-intensive and heavy industry and companies that are supplied from the medium voltage network and do not deal with basic necessities such as food.

The Greek government is also considering the return of telecommuting to save energy in companies, as well as recommendations for reducing the use of cars for road transport.

In addition, the government is taking measures that include preventive saving of electricity by limiting the use of air conditioners and lighting, as well as electrical devices in public buildings.

The Greek government has already taken measures to provide enough energy. It was decided to rent a tanker ship for storage of liquefied natural gas for 12 months, and at the same time the work of Greek lignite mines was intensified for the needs of longer operation of power plants that use that fuel.


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