Greece, Country to reopen Achlada lignite mine

, SEE Energy News

Greek Ministry of Energy has revoked the previous decision on terminating the concession agreement with Achlada Mining for the exploitation of the Achlada lignite mine in northern part of the country.

The agreement was previously terminated because the company failed to meet concession payments. This decision will enable the mine’s reopening and will subsequently ensure stable operation of nearby thermal power plant Meliti, thus aiding the country’s efforts to provide stable and secure supply of electricity during the winter season.

So far, Achlada Mining has cleared just about 10 % of its debt to the state, which originates from before 2017 and amounts to some 5.7 million euros, by paying an installment of 660,000 euros in September. The Energy Ministry has given the company the deadline of 60 days to pay the rest of its debt.