Greece: Crete-mainland interconnection nearing launch

, SEE Energy News

The 132 kilometers long submarine cable between Crete and mainland is a part of a broader project that will connect the island to the capital Athens. The investment in the small-scale interconnection amounted to over 350 million euros. Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE has started trial runs of the small-scale electricity interconnection between the island of Crete and the mainland (Peloponnese) ahead of its official launch at the end of 2020.

The project’s launch will enable the transmission of electricity from the mainland to Crete, high-voltage loads of 150kV, for the first time. Crete’s large-scale grid interconnection with Athens, scheduled for completion in 2023, will secure exclusive supply to the island from the mainland, ensuring quality electricity supply for the island’s residents and visitors.

The overall project’s completion is expected to reduce public service compensation (YKO) surcharge costs imposed on electricity bills to fund island-based electricity generating facilities by 300 to 400 million euros per year, while CO2 emissions on Crete will be reduced by 60 %.