Greece, DESFA – 1.27 billion euros investment

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Ten-year development plan of the Greek natural gas transmission system operator DESFA for the period 2023-2032. includes projects with a total budget of 1.27 billion euros, which is significantly increased compared to the previous investment plan – by as much as 55 percent. The plan should strengthen the provision of uninterrupted capacity for all users, allowing at the same time to increase the export of natural gas from Greece to the wider region, in the direction of consolidating the country as a gateway for the supply of natural gas to Southeast and Central Europe.

In particular, the plan that is in the consultation process includes new projects worth 458 million euros. Of this, 430 million euros refer to investments to increase system capacity by strengthening network flexibility and decongesting critical parts of the company, which will ensure optimal use and coordinated operation of existing, planned and under construction infrastructure (TAP and ICGB gas pipeline, FSRU Alexandroupolis, Dioriga Gas).

Among these projects, the “Duplication of YP Karperi – Komotini branch” stands out, through the construction of a new gas pipeline with a length of 215 kilometers, with a budget of 290 million euros, parallel to the existing network.

The new gas pipeline will be 100 percent ready for hydrogen transport, while it will have multiple benefits for the Greek market. Specifically, it will provide uninterrupted capacity to and from the Virtual Trade Point (VTP) at all entry and exit points of a specific branch.

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