Greece: Drastic increase of electricity supplier switches in 2019

, SEE Energy News

The number of consumers who changed their electricity supplier significantly increased in 2019, namely by 89 %, according to a report published by Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE). In 2018, the share of consumers who switched in total number of consumers was 4.51 %. The report showed that a total of 576,436 of consumers (8.5 % of total number) switched their electricity supplier in 2019.

The increase in consumer switches was attributed to growing consumer confidence in independent electricity suppliers, as well as to the effectiveness of discounts and various other offers made available by these supplier, which means that the competition in Greek retail electricity market is increasing.

Household electricity consumers showed the greatest degree of mobility, followed by mid and high-voltage consumers (commercial and industrial). In the mid-voltage category, 834 business and industrial consumers of 9,071 in total, or 9.19 %, switched electricity suppliers in 2019.

Despite the increased customer mobility, state-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) remained dominant in 2019, supplying electricity to 5,694,627 consumers, or 83.95 % of the total number of 6,783,075. In terms of consumption, PPC held a % percent share, supplying 27.7 million MWh last year.

Independent supplier Protergia, a member of the Mytilineos group, was ranked second in terms of total number of customers in 2019, supplying to 181,232 customers. Elpedison was ranked third with 171,143 customers, followed by Heron (140,812), Watt & Volt (127,364), Zenith (73,968), Volton (69,688), NRG (52,961), Fysiko Aerio (39,881), Volterra (35,748) and KEN (33,997).

A total of 24 independent suppliers are active in Greek retail electricity market.