Greece: Hellenic Petroleum puts into operation the largest PV power plant in Europe with double-sided panels

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The Hellenic Petroleum energy group, which is on the path of transition to clean energy, has put into operation the largest solar park in Greece and hinted that it could add battery storage.

Kozani Solar Park is the largest system with bifacial panels in Europe, has an installed capacity of 204.3 MW and is located in the region of western Macedonia in northern Greece.

The value of the project is 130 million euros, and the power plant is expected to produce 350 GWh of electricity per year, which is enough to cover the consumption of 75,000 homes.

German renewable energy manufacturer Juwi, through its subsidiary Juwi Hellas, was in charge of installing more than 500,000 two-person solar modules as part of the project.

In 2020, Hellenic Petroleum bought the Kozani project from Juwi. The German company is the original developer of the scheme, which was successful in the Greek tender for renewable energy held in April 2019.

Hellenic Petroleum aims to install 1 GW of renewable energy capacity by the end of 2026 and more than 2 GW by 2030.

Last month, local media reported that the company had signed a contract to buy a 303 MW solar project in Florina, Macedonia, from domestic developer FEN SOL.


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