Greece, Historic record for the LNG terminal on the islet of Revythoussa is expected in June

, SEE Energy News

According to Greek media, a historic record for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the islet of Revythoussa, near Athens, is expected in June.

30 % of the total capacity of the expected deliveries in June will be destined for Bulgaria. Smaller quantities are to be supplied to the Romanian market.

Next month, liquefied gas tankers will arrive at Revythoussa every two days. Initially, 7 tankers were planned to arrive, but now there are 14. For comparison, during April, there were two tankers arriving per week.

The increased traffic at the Revythoussa LNG terminal will continue in the coming months because the domestic demand in Greece is expected to grow and exports to Bulgaria will continue.

This is an entirely new situation at the terminal and is due to the interruption in supply of Russian natural gas to Bulgaria.

Another floating storage tank will be added at the terminal by July, which will increase the capacity by 150,000 cubic meters. This is considered necessary for Greece’s energy security in the event of a complete disruption of Russian gas supply.

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