Greece: Increase of gas-fired and RES electricity generation

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In July gas-fired and RES electricity generation recorded significant increases and electricity consumption in fell by 2 % compared to the same month last year.

Consumption in July peaked at 9,033 MW on July 31 at 14:00, while the lowest level of ,290 MW was reached on July 12 at 07:00. Domestic electricity consumption represented 97.27 % of the month’s total consumption while exports represented 2.72 %.

Gas-fired electricity generation covered 41.21 % of consumption in July, followed by RES-based generation with 26.05 %, electricity imports with 20.01 %, hydro generation with 6.76 % and finally lignite-fired generation with just 5.97 %.

Production in gas-fired power plants in July 2020 was 8 % higher compared to July 2019. At the same time, electricity imports decreased by 10 % and exports rose by 14 %. RES-based generation recorded the higher increase year-on-year with 49 %. Hydropower dropped slightly by 4 %, but lignite-fired generation recorded a staggering drop of 64 % compared to July 2019.

An increase of usable capacity at PPC’s gas-fired Megalopoli V unit increased the company’s total gas-fired generation in July, both compared to June and previous months. PPC’s gas-fired electricity production reached 942,613 MWh in July compared to 512,292 MWh in June.




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