Greece: Industrial energy costs reduction planned

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Greek Ministry of Energy and Environment is planning to secure low electricity costs for energy-intensive industries without burdening Public Power Corporation (PPC). The objective is to make the most of the informal extension of negotiations between PPC and industries up until June, so as to use new instruments and measures that require the approval either of the European Commission (EC) or the national regulators in the battle to lower the energy costs. In this context, the Ministry has sent to the EC the proposal for a subsidy of 15 euros/MWh on the price of energy supplied to industry through bilateral contracts from producers of renewable energy.

At the same time, in cooperation with the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), electricity transmission system operator ADMIE and electricity distribution system operator DEDDIE, the ministry is working on a plan to reduce the regulatory charges for industrial medium- and high-voltage consumers.  The plan that the Ministry sent to Brussels in early February, regarding green power purchase agreements, relies on the promotion of environmentally friendly energy along with the bolstering of industries that will use the bilateral contracts through a 15 euros/MWh discount, an amount proposed to be covered by the EU recovery fund.

The Greek plan differs in many ways from a similar plan by Spain for the part-compensation of energy-intensive industries in the procurement of RES energy that the European Commission recently approved.