Greece, Lignite-fired power plants accounted for 34 % of electricity generation in June

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In times of energy crisis and soaring natural gas prices, Greece once again turned to coal, with lignite being responsible for 34 % of the country’s electricity generation in June, compared to 19.9 % share in May.

Prior to the energy crisis, Greek lignite-fired power plants were scheduled to be closed by 2023, in line with the country’s ambitious decarbonization plan.

However, prolonged usage of coal in electricity generation may prove to be unsustainable, mainly due to already started closure procedures in some of coalmines, who now face employees shortages, after the launch of the voluntary retirement programs. Also, continuous use of these power plants may lead to technical problems.

Greece is also expecting the entry of the new coal -fired power plant – Ptolemaida V in the energy system. The unit should be put into operation in October or November. This will further increase coal consumption. The Government states that current coal deposits should be enough to cover the need up to 2030.

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