Greece, Lower energy subsidies for February

, SEE Energy News

State subsidies for electricity bills of both residential and commercial consumers will be lower for the month of February as a result of a
slightly better situation regarding wholesale electricity prices.

Wholesale electricity prices are now forecasted to an average of 225 euros/MWh in February, slightly lower than the average of 235 euros/MWh in December.

Household electricity subsidies for February will again be related to consumption level, the upper limit for subsidies unchanged at 300 kWh per month. Consumption above this level will not be subsidized. In January, the first 150 kWh of household consumption was offered 160 euros in subsidies, while consumption between 151 and 300 kWh was subsidized with 120 euros.

Commercial consumers will be offered electricity subsidies at a universal rate, slightly below January’s level of 65 euros/MWh.

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