Greece: Lower retail electricity prices in June

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Greek power utility PPC, the retail electricity market’s dominant player, has announced just a mildly reduced tariff for June, to 0.1550 euros per kWh, from May’s price of 0.1590 euros per MWh, for monthly residential consumption of up to 500 kWh.

Factoring in the government’s electricity subsidies for June, already announced, PPC’s finalized price for next month is 0.1400 euros per kWh.

PPC’s June tariff – without subsidies – for consumption of over 500 kWh, has been set at 0.1670 euros per kWh, while its nighttime tariff is 0.1140 euros per kWh.

The country’s electricity suppliers announced their tariffs for next month on May 20, based on market rules requiring all suppliers to deliver their respective tariffs for each forthcoming month by the 20th of every preceding month.

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