Greece: Mid-voltage consumers need to pay additional RES supporting surcharges

, SEE Energy News

In support of the RES special account, mid-voltage electricity consumers will need to pay additional RES-supporting ETMEAR surcharges worth 160 million euros for 2019 (retroactively) and 2020.

The ETMEAR surcharge contributions of mid-voltage consumers are set to rise to 17 euros/MWh from the current rate of 9 euros/MWh. This consumer category relates to a range of businesses, including hotels, retail chains, banks as well as small-scale industries.

Meanwhile, RES-supporting surcharge contributions by certain industrial high-voltage consumers will be reduced.

The special RES account, through which producers of electricity from renewable sources are paid, is currently showing a 423 million euros annual drop in revenues. This is mainly a result of the drop in the marginal system price and the reduction of carbon emission prices, factors that have significantly improved the energy suppliers’ profit margins.

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