Greece, Natural gas-fired thermal power plant production 1.65 TWh in December

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The share of natural gas in the Greek energy mix for electricity production increased to 43% in December, compared to 37% in November.

In this way, gas reached the largest share in the energy mix in December, followed by renewable energy sources – wind, solar energy and biomass – with 26%, lignite with 17%, net import of electricity with 10% and large hydropower plants with 4% participation .

With the combined contribution of variable RES and hydropower, the share of renewable sources in the energy mix in December reached 30%.

The production of thermal power plants on natural gas and the production of RES plants amounted to 1.645 million MWh and 1.012 million MWh, respectively, while the production based on lignite amounted to just over 656 thousand MWh.

In 2022, the share of natural gas in the energy mix increased by 1%, while the share of RES decreased by 8%.

Energy demand in Greece rose in December, reaching 4.01 million MWh, after falling for four consecutive months.