Greece, November electricity prices will be more than 30 % lower

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According to data submitted by electricity suppliers to Greek Ministry of Energy, November electricity prices will be more than 30 % lower compared to those applied for the previous month.

In some cases electricity price would be as much as 38 % lower than in October, although the final price for end consumers will be known after the Government announced energy subsidies applicable for November.

The largest electricity supplier, state-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) has reduced its price for residential consumers to 39.7 eurocents/ kWh for its low-consumption category of up to 500 kWh, which is a 33 % reduction compared to October’s price of 59.5 eurocents/kWh. PPC’s tariff for consumption exceeding 500 kWh was set at 40.9 eurocents/kWh for November.

Among independent suppliers, Elpedison announced a November price of 38 eurocents/kWh which is 36 % lower compared to the previous month. Protergia’s price for November was set at 39.5 eurocents/kWh, a drop from 57.63 eurocents/ kWh in October. Heron’s November price stands at 37.6 eurocents/kWh, a 32 % reduction from 55.8 eurocents/kWh in October.

Zenith dropped its price to 38.5 eurocents/kWh a 35 % drop compred to October, Watt & Volt price dropped to 40.6 eurocents/kWh from 58.9 eurocents/kWh, Elin to 39.5 eurocents/kWh from 59.9 eurocents/kWh, Fysiko Aerio to 35 eurocents/kWh from 59.4 eurocents/kWh and Volton set a November price of 39.6 eurocents/ kWh.

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