Greece: PPC increased gas-fired plants to offset expensive imports

, SEE Energy News

Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) utilized its natural-gas fired power plant to their full capacity, thus offsetting expensive imports, due to particularly high electricity prices on the exchanges of neighboring countries in recent days.

In the past few days, gas-fired electricity generation covered between 35 and 40 % of electricity demand in Greece. For example, PPC’s gas-fired generation covered 40 % of electricity demand on 22 September for ten hours, at the price of 42.6 euros/MWh. Independent electricity producers managed to 19 % of the consumption for one hour at much higher price – 64.4 euros/MWh. On the other hand, electricity imports covered 14 % of the demand for 11 hour, at the price of 51.7 euros/MWh.

Renewable energy sources covered 24 % of Greek electricity demand on 22 September, while the diminishing lignite-fired electricity generation covered the remaining 3 %.